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For today we've added this menu about the English author/journalist, Ian Fleming. The disk coordinator main menu is directly below this one. This menu brings forth some of the research scripts that are usually part of our Additional Non or tangential Israeli dancing scripts link. These links return to their normal location tomorrow when this website returns to normal.

Scheduling Information: compiled from Session Emails/Web Announcements

Germantown Session Menu

Over the last several years the Germantown session has been the scene of several scripts on this web site. With the Suerte script that's being prepared and should be up by the middle of the month, we've decided to split out the scripts specific to the Germantown session and create a new menu as you see here.

Video and List Menu

If you are interested in watching dances, both in performance and/or instruction, we present below some of the groups who have put videos on Youtube and the like.

The videos of Nissim Ben Amihttps://www.youtube.com/user/DanceNissim/videos
The videos of Ohad Atiahttps://www.youtube.com/user/ohadatia/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0
The Videos of Chehttp://www.youtube.com/shemlapaka
The Videos of Tamidhttps://www.youtube.com/user/tamidvir/videos
The videos of Unit Ehttp://www.kolsimcha.org/unit-E
The Videos of Danskaat (This is an educational youth culture association in Belgium) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6D2CCFB80374735D
The videos of SnUnithttp://www.snunit.jewish.org.pl
The Taiwanese group videos including the famous man in the subwayhttp://www.youtube.com/user/sychou814
The Latin American dancers in Whitehttp://www.youtube.com/user/america1781
The videos of Mirjamhttp://www.youtube.com/user/hageulah
The videos of the Asian Bonding Classhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKQuCL-YT31Agv6hMyI-y1w
The videos taken by PDNYhttp://www.youtube.com/user/PDNY
The videos of the Arden Fair performance by Wilmingtonhttp://www.youtube.com/user/caponwv
The videos and presentations of the Russian based Mayuri dance grouphttp://www.dancemayuri.org

Over the last several months this web site has been paying attention to both dance and music videos to the point that we thought such videos deserved their own menu. Technically there is still some coding to include to really tie in this website's discography with both dance and music videos but this will occur in due time. This menu will also be the home for the occasional times we analyze a video in a script. In addition, we have been building up lists of dances from various sources. All of this is now combined here for you to enjoy with the addition of the Disk Coordinator in Pictures which can be used as an alternate approach to navigating this website.

History Menu

It was not the original intention of this web site to try to document the history of Israeli dancing in the Philadelphia area. Of course, we're really not sure anymore what the original intent of this website was, but, apparently, there are a set of scripts roughly dealing with the history of Israeli dance in the city. So, we have bundled these together, with others that are more historical in nature, in this section for easy access for the limited number of readers interested in this.

Secondary Menu

Workshop/Trip Menu

This website has been the recipient of multiple photographs from local Israeli dancers participating in workshops and trips. The scripts that have been written on these adventures have been intermixed with other material presented on this web site. The following menu congregates these scripts and our editors hope it will make it easier to navigate this website.

Wilmingon/Arden Menu (including Newark)

Over the last few years, this web site has followed the Wilmington Israeli dance group (situated in the Arden Gild Hall) as it has performed over the years at the Arden Fair, an annual event scheduled on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. We've opened this section to present the scripts available on this web site that have followed this group through the years. We've also included script(s) from the Newark International dance sessions as many Delaware dsancers attend both sessions.

Cherry Hill Field Trip Menu

From 2006 through 2012, under the auspices of the then Cherry Hill Tuesday night Israeli dance leader, Naomi, the session, augmented with other israeli dancers from the greater Philadelphia area, had given Israeli dance performances at several retirement and senior centers in the area. These demonstrations became known as the Cherry Hill field trips. Below is the list of these trips in reverse chronological order and next to each designation is the script that covered it. An historical discussion of the Cherry Hill session and how it related to the CHFTs can be found by clicking here.

Each script (including the historical analysis just mentioned) has used more and more aspects of Javascript coding to place text and pictures in specific ways on your screen. These scripts work best under high speed internet using the latest browsers that allow for HTML's CSS extensions and the latest interpretations of how DOM objects are used in scripts. Do not attempt to access the latest scripts without a high speed internet connection.

Nov 12, 2012Lion's Gate Nov 4,2012lg12.htm
Feb 12th, 2012The Saltzman Housesaltzman.htm
Sept 18th, 2011Brookside Assisted Livingbrookside.htm
April 10th 2011Abrams ResidenceAbrams2011.htm
Jan 30th 2011BrendenwoodBrendenwood2011
Oct 24, 2010Rieder HouseRieder House
May 2, 2010Dubin Housedubinhouse.htm
February 21, 2010Lionsgatelionsgate 2010.htm
October 25, 2009Brith SholomBrith Sholom.htm
April 26, 2009HarrogateHarrogate.htm
Feb 8, 2009BrendenwoodBrend2009.htm
Sept 7,2008Geriatric Jewish Center
Oct'05, Nov' 06, Nov'07, May'08Brendenwood, Brendenwood, Lionsgate, LionsgateCherry Hill Field Trips

2008-2012 Script Menu

This web site went live on December 7th, 2008 contributing to another Dec 7th that will live in infamy. The first year, encompassing the end of 2008 and through 2009, was a year of experiment in creating scripts and apparently perfecting ways of boring, insulting and angering readers at which apparently we have become adept over all these years. We extended this dubious expertise throughout 2012. By the present time, these 2008-2012 scripts probably have been superceded by more advanced scripts describing some of these same events happening in later years. In addition some of these scripts pertain to unique and/or discontinued events such as Darcy and Micah's wedding. Below, are several of these 2008-2012 scripts

Information About This Web Site

This web site has been created to keep track of the Israeli dancing (and other folk dance) events local to the Philadelphia area. Generally it is updated every other day. Errors, omissions and nonsensical attempts at humor inherent to this site are the sole responsibility of the disk coordinator website. There are absolutely no rights associated with any content appearing here. Click here to see a little history about this on-going project while it lasts. You are welcome to contact the disk coordinator website, with all the editors safely nestled in the bunker, at diskcrd@thediskcoordinator.com

You may have noticed that various logos are used in the various sections of this index page.

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