On Oct 25th, 2009, the latest field trip by the Cherry Hill session was performed at the Brith Sholom House in Wynnefield Heights in Phila. To see a writeup of this click this link. This is the latest of the Cherry Hill field trips that date back to 2005. Since Brendonwood in Feb, 2009, this web site has dedicated a web page for each appearance and you see these individual web pages on the additionalia link. This section highlights the Cherry Hill group's appearances from 2005 through 2009. And, by the way, the next field trip has been scheduled for Lionsgate on Feb 21, 2010.

N a o m i    M a r m o r s t e i n's    C l a s s

F i e l d   T r i p   A n n a l s


Every once in a while the Cherry Hill group, led by its leader, Naomi, leaves the friendly confines of Temple Beth Sholom and heads out on a field trip. Thanks to Jennifer Kay among others, we can follow them as they are clad in their uniform, either white or black tops and Blue Jeans, and see some pictures of their performances at senior citizen facilities in South Jersey.

Below is a composite of the Brendenwood performances in 2005 and again in 2006 when the group was invited back to perform. Anyone who has done this type of dancing knows that it works up an appetite and we've also presented a picture of the group dining at P.J. Changs

In 2007 the venue changed to Lionsgate and below is the lionsgate performance in Nov, 2007 and a return visit in May 2008 when there were two performances in one afternoon. The middle picture shows a straight on shot of Ety and Gary who participated that day.

The last field trip covered by this section was to the Jewish Geriatric Center in early September, 2008. Again to a packed audience the Cherry Hill group did 10 dances to what Jennie indicates was a great reception

More pictures of the Jewish Geriatric Center visit, Sept'08
More pictures of Lionsgate performance in May'08
More pictures of the 2006 visit to Brendenwood