Cherry Hill's Field Trip To Harrogate 4/26/09

While there was no sighting of the Hindenburg or other blimps and Zeppelins, there was a sighting and performance of the Cherry Hill Israeli dancers, bolstered by Rob Markowitz and others, at the Harrogate Retirement complex in Lakewood, just east of Lakehurst and the Naval Air Station. On Sunday, April 26th 2009, Naomi arranged the second field trip of the year for the group.

As in previous field trips, Naomi deserves great credit for her ability to administer these trips. Working with the retirement home management, prepping her dance session and even arranging transportation for several dancers, she led the group through the prepared program of 10 dances and capped the performance by having the audience join for 2 more dances that Sunday afternoon.

The origins of these field trips is Debbie and Deena's Mother, Hildi Lindauer, who as a resident at Brendenwood and Lionsgate has been an advogate for this group's performance at those facilities which you can see on other pages of this web site. This time, the burden shifted to Deena and Debbie's aunt and uncle, Lily and Gordon Lindauer, who are residents at this facility. But that didn't stop Hildi, who accompanied the group to Lakewood and prepped the audience by telling them what they could expect of this performance.

This web site was there also and you can see the results for yourself below as we present the pictures taken by Rob Markowitz and Barry Kirsch. Yes, that Rob Markowitz who proves that his talent overflows into other areas. Below some of these pictures are contemporous comments as to what was happening during the performance.

Finally, every participant deserves a lot of credit for participating on a hot Sunday afternoon. For many of the dancers, it was quite a drive. Further, for 5 of the dancers, Rob and Naomi included, this was an even more strenuous trip because in addition to the performance and travelling that afternoon, they also attended Rob's session later that evening in Northeast Philadelphia. And for one participant, it was an especially grueling marathon because of the inclusion of the Germantown morning session in addition to this performance and Rob's evening session. And, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the great hospitality of Etty, one of the Cherry Hill dancers, who supplied the food and the location for more dancing at her house after the performance.

Thanks to everyone who participated. In the group shot they are from left to right:

Rochelle, Ronnie, Etty, Deena, Naomi, Ruth, Rob, Debbie, Ilana, Malcha, Hannah, Sarah, Marc

And, of course, a big thank you to the staff and residents of Harrogate for their hospitality!