On Sunday,February 8th 2009, several dancers from other sessions joined the Cherry Hill Tuesday night session led by Naomi to perform at the Brendenwood senior citizen center.

For the Cherry Hill session this was the 4th time at Brendenwood. Originally, the idea of such a performance was the brainchild of Deena W and Debbie K in 2005, whose mother was at the time a resident of this center. Through the auspices of Naomi, Cherry Hill's session leader, their idea came to fruition on a Sunday in the fall of 2005. This type of performance was repeated in 2006 and 2007. While their Mother is no longer at Brendenwood, having moved to another facility, The Cherry Hill group was invited to do a fourth performance early this year, 2009, at this facility setting the stage for the performance you will see below.

It is a lot of work to set up something like this.  Besides the normal administrative hassles that such visits create, time must also be given to dance preparation to make sure the dancers are ready and able to perform. In this, Naomi deserves a lot of credit for pulling this off on all the field trips that the Cherry Hill session has undertaken which you can see on the Cherry Hill field trip link. In addition, Naomi regularly extends an invitation to other dancers in other sessions to participate in these field trips.

Below, You can see a panorama of pictures of the 16 dancers clad in the uniform of the day, black tops and blue jeans. We hope you get a feeling for the excitement such a performance generates for both the dancers and the audience. Note: these picture also have been put up at http://picasaweb.google.com/Thediskcoordinator/Brand2009#


Kudos go to everybody who participated, 16 dancers in all and several others who lent support by attending. If you look at the last shot, from left to right in the back row, we have Jennie, Marc, Debbie, Deena, Debbie S, Malcha, Sarah, Etty, Ronnie. Front Row, left to right, Jennie's daughter Alison, Fran, Vicki, Rob, Naomi, Dan, Debbie K, Lana, Ben. Kudos also go to the photographers: Rob, Dan and Gordon Kay. Finally, thanks to the residents at Brendenwood for the wonderful reception.