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This web page has links to the documentation released with each package or CD. The G (for Germantown) series of CDs, and the more recent TDC (for The Disk Coordinator) series of packages, attempts to document the current play sets of Israeli dance throughout the Philadelphia area at the time of release. Below are packages that have been released and below the packages are the individual covers of the CDs that have been issued. Next to the picture of the package or CD is the date of the release. click on the package or CD label to see the documentation (in the case of the packages, this will appear as two windows). In addition, you can click on Suerte (placed between the packages and CDs) to see some of this documentation at random.

Besides the documentation just indicated, two other scripts have been created pertaining to the underlying assumptions of the last two packages. A script dealing with the most recent package, The Disk Coordinator 0014 project of 2013, can be accessed by clicking here. An overview was also created for the 2011/2012 Triskaidekaphobia project and package which you can read by clicking here.

Immediately below this explanation is an index to these CDs. Unfortunately, we have been told - and have tested it ourselves - some parts are not working. This is slated to be fixed sometime this summer but, in theory when fixed, this index, with its 5 combobox controls, replaces the second link on the welcome screen with more capability and can be used to access CD info or videos associated with any dance that has appeared on a CD.

The Germantown packages and CDs are provided free of charge to the participants of the Israeli Dance classes around the Philadelphia area. (Philadelphia in this case represents the regions of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware). There is some limited distribution for other dance classes both in and out of the Phila. area. The distribution is done for educational purposes only to help the Philadelphia Israeli dance community continue to make progress in interpreting individual dances.

Periodically one of the editors revs up his computer network and reproduces some of the CDs on this list and these newly created CDs show up unexpectedly at various local dance classes. Hopefully you are there at the time to receive a copy. If not, let someone know - who's associated with this website - about your interest in one of these CDs and we'll try to get a copy to you. Happy reading!

This web site uses a database to keep track of 'dance' information for all its pages. The combo boxes below access this database to provide the ability to (1)index on the name of the choreographer, (2)determine dances of a particular year, (3)select by type of dance (4)Select by G Series CD, or (5)look at all the dances featured on the G-series CDs. You can see an index of the dances featured on all the CDs using select a CD/See All CDS. Also,we've added a control for seeing playlist information - these have been added to the database per the different groups. In addition, when displayed, click on the header and you can resort by that header information. Finally, a Video in the last column will connect you to one of the videos indicated for this music and dance if available. For a list of all the video listings that the disk coordinator could find of these dances, click here.

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In June '13 the Diskcoordinator 0014 package was released. Besides celebrating the Israeli dance music of 2011 through early 2013, one CD celebrates the favorite music of the germantown Israeli dance session, several tracks celebrate Ira Weisburd's 2012 world tour that made appearances at Arden and Newark, and finally the kickers have been selected from the From Russia With Love soundtrack to celebrate 50 years of James Bond music. You can see an overview of this project by clicking here.

Triskaidekaphobia is the word associated with fear of thirteen. Thanks to this project, the disk coordinator is now a believer. if you want to see a little as to how this 13th series, designated as trisk(aidekaphobia) I and II came about, click here and you will be transported into a script recollecting the events leading to this series


This package was released by the Beth Sholom volunteers in June 2016. See the CDs below for more info

The Disk Coordinator 0014 Volume 1 Consisting of Golden 1&2 released June 23,2013 The Disk Coordinator 0014 Volume 2 Consisting of Golden 3&4 released June 23,2013

Triskaidekaphobia Volume I (Trisk 1) was released in late September/Early October'10 and contains the A13, B13 CDs Triskaidekaphobia Volume II (Trisk 2), with its new Goldenrod cover. Contains C13 and D13. Releasing as of Aug'11

The Summer Sizzler was released in Aug'10 with limited distribution to test equipment to be used for the 13 series. it combines the Dec '06 (mod:8/10) G8 and June '07 G9 releases The G12 package was released in early January '09. It contains two CDs, G12 and G8.4. 13 pages of documentation was included for both CDs. The G11 package was released in early January, '08. It contains 2 CDs - G6 Update and G11 - and a DVD that was only released for the Germantown class. 9 pages of documentation was included with the CDs.

CDs - click on CD image to see documentation

This web site has also been involved in the distribution of the two CD package that the Beth Sholom volunteers produced in June'16. They have allowed this web site to document these CDs designated as Beth Sholom Beginner and Beth Sholom Intermediate

Beth Sholom Beginner June 2016Beth Sholom Intermediate June 2016

This web site has also been involved in two CD distributions pertaining to Don Schiillinger's introductory classes. Until Don upgrades his web page, it has been decided to document the music on these CDs here. The first CD was created for Don's introductory class on Monday at beth Sholom in early 2008. The Second CD has been created for Don's introductory classes at Or Sholom and Har Zion. Below, you can see the labels of these CDs. For any documentation (if it exists) click the label.

Don's Beth Sholom disk, Jan 2008Don's 2012 CD for his beginner classes