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Be Seeing You!

Although this project seems as if it has been ongoing since dinosaurs roamed the earth (perhaps this is an exageration and should read: since woolly mammoths roamed this area), it really did start in earnest in Feb and March'10 when some large volumes of music were obtained. Therefore, this series for the most part is the result of several fortuitous events: The copying of Grant Shulman's repertoire off of his Apple IPOD and the copying of Sharon Kleban's repertoire off of her ailing PC portable put a lot of new plays of music at the disposal of the Disk coordinator. Further, Don, at several of his classes, did as he normally does, supplied more recent circle and partner dances to the alter ego of the administator of this site. All three were not aware of the ultimate purpose of this music - and we might add that at that point neither was the author of this script - and in the first 2 cases, it really was the intent to provide a backup possibility in case of computer failure since there was an episode of such failure (at Wilmington) during Winter'10.

In studying and sorting these music files, it seemed that a great retrospective of Israeli dance music could be done if one wanted but it was also apparent that a great amount of work (and a large number of CDs distributed) would be needed to do this successfully. Furthermore, the individual involved with this also understands another factor in distributing this type of music: the ramification of intellectual property rights in such a distribution given that he has been in the computer industry for many years. It is a fine line between the attempt to educate and have dancers progress in understanding the music and more nefarious situations.

Therefore, the disk coordinator assumes all responsibility for extending this to what you will be reading here and is solely responsible for the multiple instances of copyright infringements and the like which he understands and is sad to be doing. To counter this somewhat, the CDs will only be made available to the classes of dance covered by this web site and, as with previous handouts, are always free of charge. Not that it matters, law is law, but as you read this, it should be apparent that this project is being done at a considerable cost both in time and expense to this writer.

He is also responsible for the fracturing of all the languages appearing here. He has done this to English in his everyday existance over the years and with these projects has extended this to Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc. If you find this problem of linquistic ineptitude insulting, we apologize and hope that someday you will create the site that supercedes this one and will do these projects right.

Anyway, as we go back to a discussion of this project, another not so fortuitous event occurring this year was the possible ending of Hora Aviv and so it was decided sometime in May to create a 3 CD set for the 13 series designated as Prospective (recent), retrospective (Hora Aviv), and Introspective (music before 1995). The entire project became codenamed, Triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of thirteen. (Note: The disk coordinator originally did not believe in such superstition but ever since starting this project has come to be a believer)

One of the more interesting factors in these series of CDs are the kickers, the last piece of music. What theme could be derived for 3 CDs of Israeli dance music. It's possible from the 'Be Seeing You' at the beginning of this that you may have already guessed that the disk coordinator turned to the work of one of his favorite actors who created one of the disk coordinator's favorite shows, a show that even today, over 40 years later, is a source of discussion, argument and wonderment on both a visual and intellectual level. In this regard, kickers were selected pertaining to the only fictional character to star in 3 TV shows. We are, of course, referencing John Drake, played by the actor Patrick McGoohan (who died early last year and whose pictures you are seeing on this page), who is the lead character in DangerMan, Secret Agent and the Prisoner. In addition, a logo was created very early for this project by Deborah Kaplan and has been on this site for several months. On this script we have placed this at the top. An additional informal logo is featured below.

As work went on, by early July, it was apparent that a 4th CD should be created pertaining to recent music and our repertoire of older music was so strong as to set the limits to before 1990 as far as music creation. A 4th kicker had to be decided upon and Anton Karas' Third man theme (of the movie of the same name) has been selected for this.

At the moment, two 2 plie (double jewel case) packages are in the works: The first package to contain A13, Prospect1ve, and B13, Prospect2ve. The second package will consist of C13, retrospective and D13, introspective, CDs. CDs are created in two ways: professionally or through CD burners as in this situation. So, provision had to be made to test burners and software and this was done by the creation of a limited CD release, the summer sizzling sampler. It is expected that beginning distributions of the 13 series will occur sometime in September although rollout will occur in stages and probably October will see all cylinders working at the same time.

Notes on music selection: The lists below show the actual contents expected on these CDs. In the disk coordinator CDs, a set of play selections are used to create each CD meeting themes or other standards. At that point, whether or not a music selection appears on a CD is just pot luck pertaining to the timing of all the selected music on the CD. The important issue is how did we get to the lists used to make the final selection (these lists appeared on this script a while back). Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pieces of music were in a first selection.

The prospective named CDs (of comtemporary plays) were supposed to be limited to music from after (or at) 1995 with the additional condition of never having been on a disk coordinator CD before (with the exception of the automatic dancer which this summer was added to a revised G9). Apparently, because of spelling errors and the general misunderstanding of Semite to English spelling rules, this has been violated with several dances appearing that were created before 1995 and with at least one unexpected repeat. We did indicate above the language challenges and here's an example of where this has created errors.

The retrospective CD pertains to music that was taught (or in some way emphasized) at previous Hora Avivs and Mini Philly camps. No requirement of uniqueness as to previous disk coordinator CDs has been enforced and some of the ultimate selections to this CD have been used in previous CDs. Finally, as stated, constraints as to music creation is being imposed for the introspective CD where music had to be created before or at 1990. A previous disk coordinator CD, Initial 1, was created for this type of music and there was an attempt, so far partially successful except for 3 dances, to use new selections for the Introspective CD.

We should also add, to add insult to injury, the disk coordinator is modifying some of the tracks to add echo and volume. In keeping with the beat of the A13 disk, for instance, an attempt has been made to strengthen bass which will enhance the male vocals.

Please keep in mind that these distributions are absolutely free of charge for educational purposes and will only occur in the Philadelphia area Israeli dance sessions (and selected other dance sessions) covered by this web site. In addition, this script and the information below is using information internal to the disk coordinator database. On other scripts on this web site that you can link to where specific info involving choreographer, year choreographed and music information is made available, you should be aware that extensive use has been made of the Aussie database at which is a great source for insight into Israeli dance, its music and choreographers. Generally, video clip info that is available in other areas of this database is the result of extensive searching of goggle, youtube and other search engines.

Finally, to emulate No 6, the prisoner, we'll end this preview of the 13 series with a 'Be Seeing You'

As stated previously, there will be two double jewel cases. Each case is designated as a package, The first package will constitute A13 and B13 and be designated as Volume 1. Below is the label insert for volume 1

For the A13 Prospect1ve CD

At Sheli Ani Ahelach
Yesh Bi Ahava
Z'mon Layla
Lo Ozev Et Ha'ir
Rak Elohim - sung by Chaim Israel
Harakdan Haotomati  (this music was added to G9 during the summer as G9 was remastered. It appears
                    again here but this duplication was expected)
Pitchi Lo Et Libech
Shir Hashirim Sheli
Tishmeru Al Atzmechem
Pnei Malach
Al Salsalim
Tikvateinu - Kobi Michaeli
Hachayim Ha'acherim
K'shenotzetz Hatal
Simanim Shel Ohavim
Rei'ach Valzeva
Yaacov - Gadi Bitton
Me'ohav Ad Hashamayim
Ha'kol Dvash
Ten Li Batarbuka
Im Tirtzi La'daat Note:Because of a mislabeling, this is appearing on the 13 series despite the fact that it was the first play of the G8.4 CD
Rachamim [Lev Ha'olam]
Secret Agent man - sung by Johnny Rivers

Duration of CD is 79.43.19

Documentation of this music and dances has been ongoing. For the A13 CD, you can see the extent of documentation by clicking here.. The entire volume of Trisk I has documentation that is being given out with the jewel cases and you can access this at other locations on this script.

For B13 Prospect2ve Shema israel - Shmulik Gov Ari Israelit - Ilanit Ki Leolam Chasdo - Abner Naim Lachazor Habayta - Gadi Bitton Yemei HaTom Shomreini El - Shown by Mimi Cogan at Hora Aviv 2009 Ahaya - Gadi Bitton Kama Ahava Yesh Be'einayich - Israel Shikar Sholom Aleynu - Shmulik Gov Ari Malu Lana'ar Ein Ani Dudu Shir Al Etz This song (and dance) is much older than the disk coordinator expected whith its origins at least back to 1976. This is another violation of what was expected on this CD but we'll just have to accept some imperfection Al Gvul Hayam Haacharon - Victor Gabay Artzi - Tuvia Tusler El Hageshem Givah Achat - Rafi Ziv Shai Perach BaAviv Note: to keep the partner dances together, shai and perach Ba'aviv have been exchanged Nachon She'at Kon Rina Kol Yom Nolad SheTachzeri Tefani Li K'tzat Makom Tagidi Lo Le'ada Eretz Bereshit Nagni Gitara Chesed Matok The Prisoner Closing Theme - basis of theme written by Ron Grainer Ed Note: On some of the CDs distributed the places of Shai and Perach Ba'aviv have been inverted which was the original order of the CD tracks. This was the result of not propagating the revised audio file through all the computers on the diskcoordinator's private network. We apologize for any inconvenience or bewilderment this may have caused.

Documentation of this music and dances has been ongoing. You can see the extent of documentation of the B13 cd by clicking here. The entire volume of Trisk I has documentation that is being given out with the jewel cases and you can access this at other locations on this script.

Duration of CD 79.55.69

Trisk I distributions so far - Note: PP = pre.pre-release, P=Pre-release

Note:LocationNo of Trisk1 Pkgs
ppBally's water aerobics class6
pCherry Hill(Tues Class)10
Community College Of Phila14
Barnes & Noble/Valley Forge8
Adath Israel (thur. class)14
Valley Forge Area12
Beth Am Israel2
Beth Sholom(Mon Class)21
Cherry Hill12
Adath Israel (2nd & 3rd round)21
Valley Forge revisited15
Sharon Polsky (Beth Sholom Tues class)10
Beth Sholom again2
Maryland and points south12
Ora in Boston2
Jane - Staten Island12
Northeast Phila10
Ethan Halpern/Maryland4
Rieder House4
Sharon Polsky's Beth Shalom Class5

A word document, 15 pages long at this moment, is being given out to cover the documentation of the Trisk I volume. On this web site, this documentation has been split between the A13 and B13 disk documentation indicated above with each disk. In addition, on this web site, this documentation has been strengthened with the addition of video info for most of the tracks of each disk. However, if you want to access the word documentation that was physically given out, you can do this by clicking here.

Before we show volume II of this series, tentatively scheduled for distribution at the end of November and probably through December, art work and logos also become important. You already have seen the logo for this series created by Deborah Kaplan who is a professional artist and caligrapher. Since the summer of 2009, an additional informal logo comprising of a satiric look at the James Bond Movies' gunbarrel scene has appeared on this web site. Orignally, it was the scene itself, and this was modified for the North By Northeast marathon to include the biplane of North by Northwest fame. We have again taken liberties by having someone create a logo involving both the gunbarrel scene and a prisoner logo and you can see them side by side below. We understand that the creator of this logo may write it up on his web site and, if that happens, we'll publicize it here. It is believed that the 'village' below the figures is Portmerion in Wales where the outside scenes of the Prisoner was filmed.

Above was the first package designated as triskadekaphobia, volume 1. Below is the labels for the volume II CDs consisting of the C13 and D13 CDs
For retrospective CD (C13) As indicated, this music has been featured at previous Hora Avivs and at the two mini philly camps. Half the music has appeared on previous TDC disks Chag Ha Ahava Ms Music Eyse Yom Yafe Kol Habachurim (Previously, this script had Ha'kol Dvash in this spot, but this is being replaced as it is in the A13 CD) HaChevra Lehaganat HaTeva Reach Menta Be’ahava Ve’mila Tova Marchaba Bikum Lecha Karati Hayde Isha Al Hachof Lecha Eli Ha'Ish HaHu Al Tishal Oti Kol Ha Maalot Shir Guiguim - avi levy Sonata Tzel Midbar - bonny Pina Ruach Teshane Et Kivuna Mitchamek Meshigaon Ma’lach Sheli Chikiti Lach Gan Eden - Naftaly Kodesh Lechi Lach At Ma At Margisha Esh Danger Man Theme knicknamed Highwire by Bob Leaper Orchestra Duration of CD is 79.58.47

Documentation of this music and dances has been ongoing. Each CD has its own script for this and you can see the extent of documentation of the C13 cd by clicking here.

For Introspective CD(D13) Attempts were made for new (to the series of CDs supported by this site) plays but research has indicated that Taba, Hora Medura nad Nigun Atik have been on other CDs. Simchat He’amel Tzadik Katamar Hora Nirkoda Haroa Haktana Rov Brachot Sheleg Al Iri Hora Medura Erev Ba Sovuvuni Taba Eretz Eretz Harmonica - Rivka Sturman Klezmer (Kleizmer) Tipah Neshama Hora Mamtera Korim Lanu Lelechet Hora Habikaa Ahavat Ha’chayalim - Shmulik Gov Ari Nigun Atik - Rivka Sturman Naale Naale - Shmulik Gov Ari Sham Harei Golan Sulam Yaacov Yihyeh B'seder Sapari - Moshe Eskayo Kulana Bamitsad (Russian Red Army theme) Yam Tichoni Be’pundak Katan Kol Niderai Ha’ir Beafor Laner V’libsamim Balada L’maayan Hora Yedid Nefesh Shir Eretz One of the themes of 'The Third Man'. The original third man theme was done by Anton Karas and we hope to use one of his versions. The third man theme that executes with the button above is not performed by Karas. Note:Normally an order based on rhythm and beat is used in these CDs. For D13, the order is length of music in order to provide for the most selections Duration of CD is 79:59:71

Documentation of this music and dances has been ongoing. Each CD has its own script for this and you can see the extent of documentation of the D13 cd by clicking here.

Below are several pictures of McGooghan in Danger Man and secret agent. In addition, there are several pictures of the village in the Prisoner (and Mcgoohan as No.6). Finally, as reminded at the Valley Forge Barnes and Noble, Mcgoohan played Dr Syn, known as the Scarecrow of Rodney Marsh, and a picture of him in costume is included.

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