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It is expected that this script will be modified and become a part of the index page in the future as we add features. In the interim there are two other lists that include video that you may be interested in. Gary Rosenberg has created a local repertoire list which you can access by clicking here. Additionally, this website has tried to recreate Don's 2011 dance list and you can access this at by clicking here.

This video section originated with one of the fans of this web site, Elana Tenenzapf, (and that's Elana on the left with her daughter) who was nice enough to share information about videos that were on the internet for some of the dances that appear on the TDC series of CDs or at other locations of this web site. This list, therefore, pertains to videos of dances and music that are part of the TDC disks occasionally released to the various Israeli sessions in the Philadelphia area in addition to dances that are part of these sessions' play lists. The list is continually being updated and this script continues to progress with new features being put in place. So below, at minimum, is a table indicating the dance, one or several links to video(s) of that dance on Youtube and some info about where the video is shot and who's involved. Additional controls have been added which should be self explanatory (especially once clicked).

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