This index has to some degree been transplanted by the dance video index and the music video index. Nevertheless, this is the only spot in the web site to see all the dances covered by this website. We want to make sure that you are aware of what is really covered: Below are all the dances of the various diskcoordinator CDs (whether directly developed by this web site or just supported). In addition, we have included the dances of the various playlists that we have documented whether part of a dance session or the efforts of Gary Rosenberg and his project or an attempt to recreate Don Schillinger's database for the year 2011. This is not, and never has been meant to be, a discography of all Israeli dances (we cover ## pieces of music) and, if that's your need, you should be heading to Aura and Jack's Aussie Israeli dance database as this web site does when in need of information on a piece of music.

We should note that the web site maintains separate pages to document all the CDs created (or supported) by this web site. Below are the links to these various scripts if this will help although below this list we will provide another list of all the dances in alphabetic order

We have mentioned that this web site has documented the dances played at various sessions. Below is the designation of these playlists. Where appropriate a link to a script has been supplied.

In the index below, you can click on a column header to see this list sorted in that column (blanks and nulls should appear at the front or back of the list although that is not always working). Click on the dance or music video designation (if present) and you will be linked to a video hopefully. Please remember that youtube on a continual basis delists videos if there is a copyright problem. THis web site has two other scripts dealing exclusively with videos: video clips deals exclusively with dance videos and Dovideo deals exclusively with music videos.