There is a bit of a story to this script and there will be an accompanying script to this in the future which will expound on how this script came to be. Several years ago Don gave up his web site and in doing so lost the database he used to keep track of the dances he taught at various sessions. It seemed as if this was lost forever until this web site unearthed a written copy of the database for 2011 through Feb 2012. We put our database analyst on this and we now have a database of Don's teaching through that time period. This script deals with the dances taught through this period. As mentioned, a further script will deal with the locations (and the teaching within specific sessions) will be developed.
We would be remiss if we did not mention the yeoman efforts of Don through this 13 month period. Don held over 140 sessions of Israeli dance during this period and taught approximately 210 dances of multiple varieties: circle, line and partner both easy and hard. You can see a further analysis of this by clicking here.