Thanks to Gary Rosenberg and his list, which you can see by clicking here, this web site has spent a lot of time researching dance videos. But, in conjunction with this, we have also been categorizing the music videos of the underlying music to the dances. This web site has several scripts dealing with dance videos and the music videos are included but are not the highlight of any of those scripts. This script attempts to resolve this. We are in the process of looking at all the music videos that we can find of our dances (and the kickers involved with the TDC disk distributions) and trying to determine the artists who are performing. Thanks to Aura's website at, we are also attempting to include music composition information of various aspects of music. In many cases we are picking up the original music (although the original may not be the exact copy of what we dance to as much of the music tracks are cut to make the music more symmetrical for us dancers). But, in other cases, we have a rendition of the music by another artist and in several cases we have included a different genre dance performance that we consider of note.

The pictures indicated here are stills from a part of each video and the pictures are "hot" as clicking on them provides the link. The list is alphabetic, so feel free to scroll down, or use the following option button to select the music and click to the info on this script.

You can also use this list box to look at the artists credited for these music videos. Clicking on any of these should display only those videos by this artist.

Below are xxx images representing music videos.
If using embed (and you may have to toggle it several times for it to work properly) the video should show to the right and you can move the cursor and the video will stay in positon. If not embedded, you will be linked to the youtube video