Late in 2014 Gary Rosenberg began a project to determine a Philadelphia regional play list for the Israeli dance sessions in the area. He has produced three excel spreadsheets over this duration involving a large number of dances. All three spreadsheets are stored on this web site and we have Gary's permission to allow your access to them. You can access the first, released in Jan 2015, by clicking here. A second was released in Feb'2016 which can be accessed by clicking here. With New Year 2017 Gary has created a new list which can be accessed by clicking here. The disk coordinator website has for several years tried to document the selections of various local sessions which you can see by clicking here. Using the same technigues as used for previous lists, we have tried to document Gary's new list and as this is being written, we have pretty much merged his list into the music discography database used in this website.

A few Notes: Note 1. We scour Youtube periodically for videos of Israeli dances. At these selected times we have taken to our computer and updated videos - both dance and the underlying music. In addition, new technology has appeared that allows web sites such as this to stream media as Youtube does and this has allowed us to video dances as done in our region, store them on this web site, and display them in a similar manner to youtube.

Note 2. We plan in the near future to assign an editor to rescan video sites and clean up those videos which no longer are linked or are not working. But in the interim, we've updated the video link section of our grids in this script. A control will show you all the videos found of a dance at that time and if one doesn't work, choose the next. Also notice that the videos are broken down between dance video and music video. A "yes" in music video means that you can click the yes to see a music rendition of the song although not necessarily by the original artist. In addition, by positioning your mouse over the choreographer, a panel will display any information we have on music (creator, lyrics and singer). Most of this information has been copied from the Israeli dances web site run by Aura Lipski. Aura's database is the standard as far as information is concerned about the discography of Israeli dance.

Note 3: As mentioned above, HTML 5 allows for a web site to host its own video with the limitation of resource constraint and load time. In the near future we are going to try to add to this script the dash technology for streaming a web site's own media as mentioned above (and used in the Rueda script which you can see for yourself) but at this point this technology clashes with the youtube internal technology used in this script - or so indicated by our technical editor. Feel free to talk with him if you don't understand this as we should not be the only ones to be bored by such technical details. Anyway, needless to say, we have added our own Diskcoordinator videos to the mix in this script: The videos in question are indicated in red. Unfortunately, not everything works to plan as of this moment. Once invoked, the video will hog the video player. In this case, if you want to look at another of the red indicated videos, you will have to reload this script. We might mention that the loading process is also time consuming adding to the problems. Some day, as we have been assured by our technical editor, these problems will be resolved but we all will have to wait.

A bit of history in this. In November of 2013, Sharon Polsky took over the reins of the Cherry Hill session. Unfortunately, there was no real playlist of previous dances taught under the older management. A year later, in November of 2014, Gary Rosenberg began a study trying to determine the dances taught previously at the session using prior Emails and this website's attempt to track the Cherry Hill group. This metamorphed into an attempt to create a greater Philadelphia regional play list which is what you are seeing below.
Gary is used to intensive research from his day job at the Academy of Natural Sciences on Logan Square in Philadelphia, where he is curator of mollusks. He’s created a database of all the species of mollusks in the Western Atlantic, with their geographic distributions ( List-making seems to be in his blood, because he also makes lists of words on Wordnik which you can access at