This script has been undergoing revision. It is not yet fully completed but you will see changes in our map section where selection of origin - used to create a route map - will now include written directions. To invoke the map section, click on underlined location. Tooltips replace blocks for descriptions when hovering over session leader name and session location. A two month view of session dates has been included. In addition we have included additions to our playlists which include additional access to our discography database. Youtube videos and the videos this web site has periodically taken are now looked at through embedded code.

This is a list of GPS designations and locations where locally dancers have classes or have performed. Click underlined entries to see map. Dates (if shown) indicate special events. Move mouse over date to see a description

Playlists: Above, in our scheduling session, are some playlists of our covered classes. This section indicates other playlists collected by our editors over the years. There is a script dedicated to playlists which you can access by clicking here. You can also see scripts pertaining to some of these playlists by looking through the index script of this web site

Some Internet Websites:

Site Web Location Comments
FaceBook if not a member, you will need to become one to get on Don's friends list. Recently, Don has returned to regular Email so the need of joining Facebook to be updeated by Don no longer exists. But if you want to join Facebook, membership requires indicating some private information. After becoming a member, click Find a friend on the bottom right, then enter at search
Aussie data base This is Aura's database that is the most extensive database of Israeli dance in the world. This is useful, if not crucial, to determine dance and choreographer information. On the main menu is our guide to manuevering through this database.
Colin's Israeli Dancing Information Site Find on this site, information about Israeli dancing events from around the world outside of Israel. You can also hear, as you browse the events, Radio HaRokdim. You can also find numerous dance related links and a short technical guide covering sound equipment
Colin's Israeli Dancing Sessions Site This site lists (and gives the schedule of) Colin's classes in London. This has a variety of dance videos embedded within the site
Toronto Israel Dance Festival The Toronto Israel dance festival takes place on the weekend of Canada Day, July 1st. This link can be used to register and also research this event.
Israeli Dancers Association This is a sister site in English to a Hebrew language site maintained by this organization. There are some links (and info) about Israeli dancing around the world
The Rikudim Website While there is many different uses of this web site, a very popular and useful script pertains to videos of dances at
Israeli Folk Dance Videos This is a very good site for finding Israeli dance videos.
Arden Gild Web Site This web site covers the activities of the groups associated with the Arden Gild

Below is a table indicating web sites mentioned in our scripts. There may be some repitition from an above table. Next to each entry is the script where this web site is mentioned.

In previous versions of this program we attrempted to add links to independent web sites that specialized in Israeli dance. We note that there are many web sites specifically covering sessions (many included throughout this script) but most independent web sites (excluding Aura's and this one) either have been disabled or are inactive. We plan to continue to look for such web sites(and will add them as needed to this section) but many of the individuals behind these previous sites have switched to Youtube or Google.

If you are interested in watching dances, both in performance and/or instruction, we present below some of the groups who have put videos on Youtube and the like.

The videos of Nissim Ben Ami
The videos of Ohad Atia
The Videos of Che
The Videos of Tamid
The videos of Unit E
The Videos of Danskaat (This is an educational youth culture association in Belgium)
The videos of SnUnit
The Taiwanese group videos including the famous man in the subway
The Latin American dancers in White
The videos of Mirjam
The videos of the Asian Bonding Class
The videos taken by PDNY
The videos of the Arden Fair performance by Wilmington
The videos and presentations of the Russian based Mayuri dance group


and of course you can get to the Email of the disk coordinator website at