On Feb 12th, 2012, a Cherry Hill field trip was held at the Saltzman House in Cherry Hill. Shortly, a script dealing with this performance will make its appearance on this web site as has the other Cherry Hill field trips in the recent past. You will be able to see this script and you can see others of past performances on the Cherry Hill Field Trip menu at the bottom of our index script. This script is a preview and deals only with the pictures taken at the performance that day.

The editors at this web site decided to do a kind of experiment which you are about to see. Normally, we would deal with one photographer for an event. But that day we delivered four different cameras and distributed these to dancer and non dancer alike. For the technical among you here are the cameras: two casio Exilim still/video cameras, a Nixon Coolpix S3100 still/video and an Olympus E420 DSLR still with flash.

The participants of this experiment, whom this web site would like to thank, are as follows: Vicki Elsas and Mike who shared a Casio Exilim - Mike taking most of the early pictures and Vicki concentrating on the last two dances. Rebecca Saltzman Baum was given another casio Exilim and since she did not participate in the dances, her pictures span the entire performance. In a similar manner, Ilana, the daughter of Deena Worrell, used the Nikon to take pictures of the entire performance. Finally Marc Rauer, who has some experience with still photography, was given the Olympus and used it during the dances that he was not a participant.

Three of the cameras have video capability and this web site is still in the process of analysing these videos and no stills from these videos are currently available. However, all the still photography has been looked at. To speed up the process for the creation of the script (remember, this is only the preview) the stills below have been cropped, split and, in some cases, manipulated. So, below, we show the 264 still pictures harvested from these cameras. Many of the pictures indicate the arrival of participants. Others look at the audience and their reaction to the performance. There are several pictures of Naomi as she explains the coming dance and/or primes the audience for their participation. Several pictures show the ending group shot and we have several pictures from the Shangra La restaurant where the after-performance meal occurred.

Below are Ilana's pictures

The next set of shots were taken by Mark. Since he was using the most focused of the cameras, these pictures have the most cropping.

The next set of shots are by Rebecca

These set of shots are by Vicki and Mike