Note1: Documentation of music has been through Aura Lipski's website,, a must read and resource for Israeli dances. Note2: Since the 007 theme was chosen as the kicker for the 14B disk - the entire collection's kickers celebrate the 50 years of the James Bond movies - it was decided to place very fast and very rhythmic music in front of it. Starting with Tagidu La, these 13 dances are a natural lead-in to the 007 theme which was created for the action sequences of the early Bond movies.

On the tableau below we have attempted to provide the dance name, translation, musicians, date made into a dance and the choreographer. The last two columns provide links to the dance videos and music videos(pertaining to the musicians' rendition) on Youtube. If we have a still from the video, we've included the picture or you will see the designation "Dance video" or "music video"

The kickers for TheDiskCoordinator 0014 CDs was a celebration of 50 years of James Bond film music. We were quite surprised to learn that few of the other Israeli dance web sites around the world were as celebratory as we were to this occasion. Who knew! Nevertheless, if you have an interest in Bond movie music, you can click here for more info.