Cherry Hill at Klein, Sunday night oct 24th, 2010

On October 24th, 2010, the Cherry Hill session performed at Rieder House, across from the Klein JCC in what this group calls, 'A Cherry Hill filed trip'. In the 5 years ot so of doing this, this was the second time on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware. This web site has covered the various field trips through the years and somewhere on this site the latest field trip will be described and analyzed in a script. This section deals with the aftermath of the field trip. Rieder house is next door to the Klein JCC where Sunday nights offer Israeli dance. Some of the participants decided to make a day of it by arriving early at the Sunday night session after performing Sunday afternoon for the residents of the aforementioned, Rieder House.

The disk coordinator was in tow and snapped the shots you are seeing on the left and right. He was interested in 2 things: detailing those from the Cherry Hill session who went that night over to Klein and to document the Klein center itself. You can follow this by moving downward along the 10 pictures to the left and the 10 pictures to the right.

The first 3 pictures on the left show the Klein JCC about 2:00 that Sunday. People are moving in and out from the front entrance and one of the pictures shows the mural painted on the side.

The fourth picture down on the left shows Rich Averett as he waits for those who will be attending the night session and this is about 6:50 at night. Rich has for many years manned this role in collecting the money charged to attendees. At the time this picture was taken, the price for the evening was $8 and the session extends from 7 to 11 with 7-8 indicated for beginners.

As we arrived, Don was just completing the setup of his equipment and we see three dancers, who in the afternoon entertained the crowd at Rieder house, awaiting the music. From left to right is Malca, Ety and identity unknown. As the music started everyone in the room began to dance and the next picture hones in and features Naomi who is the leader of the Cherry Hill session and the coordinator of the Cherry Hill field trips.

The next picture shows Don in the lead during one of the early dances. Don used to run the Cherry Hill session, ceding it to Naomi in 2001, and he knows most of the Cherry Hill dancers and what music they like. For the first half and hour to forty five minutes, Don played selections known and enjoyed by this group.

The next picture shows others have joined the circle. We see Ami who has arrived early participating in a circle dance with many of the Cherry Hill group. Included in this circle is Pearl who has hosted a dinner attendeed by the Cherry Hill group after a previous field trip

The Klein branch has recently upgraded the floor by replacing the concrete with a new concrete floor where the Sunday dancing occurs and you can see a picture of the rest of the room. The branch did lighten up the room by painting the floor brighter colors which is appreciated by some of the dancers. However, others question whether the center should have used some other material as flooring in this replacement.

In the final picture below left, we pan back to the circle dancing taking place. From left to right is Jackie, a regular on Sunday, Don, Cherry Hill dancers Malca and Ety, Identity Unknown, Naomi, Pearl and finally the aforementioned Ami who attends most Sunday night sessions at the Klein.

The disk coordinator decided to explore several other areas with his camera and left the dance session. You can see at the top of the right set of pictures some examples of the artwork resident at this JCC branch especially in the main corridor as you enter the building. One would expect to see Jewish oriented art and the branch does not fail to provide this.

We pan around again and we get Rich from another angle. At this moment several kids are talking with him perhaps asking about the Israeli dance session taking place. We pan another 90 degrees and you get picture down another hall. Besides the athletic facilities that are in the basement, the center does provide extensive meeting facilities. And down this hall, assuming it was being used that night, we would have seen several meeting halls. With no such scheduled events, the hall was dark as you can see and we get limited detail.

We were not allowed down to the athletic facilities which one would access by going down the stairs but several people have told us that they are ample with multiple nautilus type machines, pool facilities, sauna and track. Past the stairs you see the main help desk. On Sunday nights this is manned for part of the evening. Generally those leaving the israeli dance session late are leaving a vacant building where the doors lock behind them.

We've returned to the room where the dancing is occurring. There is another dance playing but the dancers populating the circle remain the same. For whatever reason, there was sparse attendance beyond Cherry Hill that Sinday for the first hour but attendance returned to normal after 8pm. No one can ever explain why certain weeks certain time periods are fully attended only to have a drop off at the same time period the next week and vice versa. For this Sunday, the heavier attendance was later in the night.

Another picture of the room. Straight ahead is the table where refreshemnts and food will be offered although at this point none is visible. This type of dancing works up a thirst so there is generally plenty of beverages available. As to food, many weeks it changes as different dancers celebrate events by bringing goodies for the others.

The next 3 pictures show various poses pertaining to the circles dances being played. As we recollect this, we believe everyone who was in the room was participating in the dancing except for yours truely who was playing photographer.

Our final shot, below right,shows Don at his computer equipment selecting the next dance. As you may get a feel, the computer equipment resides in a type of closet altered to provide power and limited connections for the sound systems.

For the Cherry Hill dancers, this was not the only activity that day. Prior to their visit at the Klein JCC, they had performed at the Rieder House. Click here to see the script detailing the visit to that location.